Redeem Exchange

For some time TRI have been concerned about skincare plastic packaging waste and as part of our COVID-19 response, we’ve manage to take strides to combat it.

 A huge problem at the beginning of the pandemic wasn’t only the need for hand sanitiser, but also the bottles to put the sanitiser in and also the pump and spray lids (closures) to put on them.

Redeem Exchange was birthed in September 2020, possibly not the best timing considering we’re in the midst of a pandemic, but it was obvious that there was not only going to be a considerable number of bottles being put into landfill but also the need to see plastic bottles as something to be re-used and not merely single use and disposable.

Hand sanitizer bottles are ‘redeemed’ –  returned to Redeem Exchange to:

  • clean them properly,  (through a network of social businesses),  
  • ensure each bottle is fit for re-use
  • returned to the ‘filling station’ where the ‘exchange’ can happen. 

Bottles are refilled with our very high quality hand sanitizer and sent back out to be reused.



The savings are significant not only financial (packaging is the most expensive part of a bottle of hand sanitizer), but there’s a huge impact on the number of bottles going to landfill, so the environmental impact will be considerable.

Single use plastic bottles are a massive problem, finding ways to make them re-usable until a long-term solution is found is important for our environment.


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