Handing over all manufacturing operations to a company is very daunting for the first time.

I am so glad that Trade Right International has become my launching manufacturing partner.

Over the last few months we have successfully  launched 4 products and are looking to launch more in the near future. Trade Right International handled our many packaging/recipe tweaks and logistics really well.
Always ready to offer a helping hand and plenty of considered advice when the industry questions start to be raised.

I am looking forward to a fruitful year of our partnership! 

Henrietta Lampkin

Founder, Elsa's Organic

Working with Trev and Denice at Trade Right International, has given me the opportunity to start small with my business but think big. 

Starting out with a new product, a new concept, is somewhat daunting; it was a relief to know that my soaps  were being  made by recognised soap makers who fully understand the cold process method and I was able to jump through hoops in the early stages drawing on their vital experience of formulation and safety assessment. 

Smaller quantities cost more at the start but were invaluable to be able to test the market. Once  happy with the product its all about scalability and getting the costs down! It was reassuring to know that Trade Right International are geared up to produce increased volumes at any point and will work closely with you on a production plan.

I very much like and respect  the ethos of TRI; creating work opportunities  for young people in a  local rehabilitation programme and their commitment to supporting working women in Ghana.   With this in mind I am able to talk with confidence about my business knowing that my ingredients are ethically sourced and everyone in the process is valued.

Caroline Scott

Founder, New Ewe

There comes a point as a small skincare business when you realise that your time is better invested in concentrating on other aspects of developing the business.
Finding someone who would take as much care with the manufacture of my products was crucial.
Trade Right International made that step very easy for me,  finding someone I could trust with my formulations who would take as much care over the manufacture, packing and dispatch as I had done gave me peace of mind.

Vicki Evans

Founder, Walk Mill Botanics

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